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About RackMaxx

About RackMaxx

RackMaxx was born out of love for hunting and managing deer over the last 35+ years. Like most of you, I was introduced to hunting by my father. I began planting food plots and implementing a feeding program over the years, but noticed that the feed lacked several key ingredients that would enhance antler mass and body weight as well as help future generations of the deer herd.

To get these results I had to address not just the feed, but also the food plots and minerals I gave my deer herd. This meant I had to implement a complete management of wildlife for years to come. After perfecting the PowerMaxx deer feed, I started working on my food plot management. When you manage a deer herd you give them the best things to eat and you manage the numbers. I, like most all deer hunters and managers not only love managing but we also like to fill our freezers.

After years of planting and spraying weeds, I still was not happy with most seed blends. I began to mix blends of my own and the deer became healthier with the Power Maxx deer feed and my blends of food plot seed. With each passing year I saw an increase in not only body mass, but antler mass also. I noticed the young bucks were not just having spike antlers, but 4 points, then 6 points and soon there were yearlings with 8 points! This was my lifelong goal! But then came a life awakening. I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. I was devastated, but knew I was not going to spray food plot weeds anymore and did not want my deer herd eating something that had been sprayed.

An Awakening

Knowing much by now on food plot seeds, I decided to develop food plot blends where I would not have to spray weeds. So I began selecting the best seeds on the market and I came up with several mixes that give the deer everything they need in a food plot. High protein and high digestion along with all the other factors necessary to obtain maximum results.

The best part and the most key component of these food plot blends is that, if you plant them according to directions these blends will eliminate most weed issues along with giving the deer everything they need to prosper.

Over the years I spent much time and many aches and pains on developing the Power Maxx deer feed and the Rack Maxx seed blends but it was totally worth every second. I am now able to sit back and see my rewards in my deer herd. But it hit me, I want others who love to manage wildlife and also who want to fill their freezers to have the same ability to do so.

This is why I have introduced Rack Maxx Power Maxx deer feed, Rack Maxx minerals along with several Rack Maxx food plot seed blends.

I hope you love them like I do.

Tug Rilling Developer

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