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Why The Buck Branch

In my opinion the Buck Branch is the best decoy to hit the market in years. No, it’s not a deer decoy, it’s a branch decoy. How many times have you went to your setup only to find there is on suitable tree or even a branch at the right location for your setup? Now, bear in mind the right location is not just the right distance for a bow shot, not just the right height but also the right place for a quartering wind. Wind is one of the most important aspects of hunting mature whitetails. Good news, you don’t have to worry anymore! You can set up on an edge of a bedding area, on a creek crossing, on a trail to a field and Yes, even in a field!

The Buck Branch is a revolutionary decoy branch that you can place anywhere, I mean ANYWHERE you want to hunt. No more saying “I don’t have a tree in the right place, or a branch in the right place”, or “If I only had something to stop him!”

You know where you hunt, now just use the Buck Branch in your set up and get ready for amazing results! Use it year after year, move it to another location, whatever your hunting needs are. Now you have another powerful weapon in your arsenal.

What? You don’t have a tree in the location where you caught that Big Buck using last week? Don’t worry, the Stake Out is for you! When the tree is not where you need it or you hunt on an open field, or you hunt on a field’s edge with briars, just deploy a Stake Out. The Stake Out replaces a tree. Just attach the Buck Branch to the Stake Out no matter where you are, and you are all set to catch Mr. Big!