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Using Raw Frozen Scents on your Buck Branch

Folks if you haven’t tried Raw Frozen Scents you are definitely missing out! Raw Frozen Scents are collected daily and frozen to keep them at their peak. When they are shipped to you they are frozen and packed in a box with insulation to help keep them frozen. Once received, place in a freezer immediately or if you begin using it just keep it in a refrigerator or a cooler. You can refreeze the scent up to 5 times without losing any potency.

Raw offers several products. There is a Calming Scent, Multi Buck Urine, Scrape Lure, 30 Peak Estrus, Body Blast, Pre Wick along with synthetic types of urine where law prohibits using real urines.

When using Raw Scents with the Buck Branch you can’t get a better pre rut, rut, or post rut set up. The Buck Branch keeps Raw Scents active for over a month by using specially selected vine ropes that hold the scent in any kind of weather.